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Venice takes inspiration from the spears of San Marco’s square in Venice, Italy. Known for their braided motif that is replicated on Mother of Pearl in this collection, that serves as a tribute to the most romantic city in the world. The braided pattern is typical in the architecture and fashion of the Veneto region in Italy. Thanks to a in-house developed technique, the Mother of Pearl is softly braided to create an harmonious movement that give life to the jewels of the collection.


Hand made in Italy according to our 180 years lasting goldsmith savoir-faire.



The jewels of the Venice collection are hand crafted in our atelier in Vicenza, Italy according to the tradition, these jewels are characterized by the natural delicacy of the Mother of Pearl contrasting with 18 carats Gold and embellished with Diamonds. The braided effect on the Mother of Pearl took over a year of research and development to obtain a realistic look while maintaining the resistance of the material. The Mother of Pearl is attentively selected to only offer the desired shade of white, while the rose color of the 18 carats Gold is obtained thanks to a timed melt of the metal.


The iconic braided effect of the Mother of Pearl is created with layered laser cuts of different heights and hand finished with a special tool to create a natural and realistic shadow on the overlaps. The jewels recall the Venetian soul and history at every sight, making them the perfect tribute to our origins as jewelers as Giuseppe Zoccai opened his first jewelry shop right in Venice in 1839.

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