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Privacy & Cookies

Types of Treated Data

Navigation Data 

The informatic systems and the software procedures needed for the functioning of this website and the transfer of basic data according to the accepted Internet protocols used for its functioning.  
These data are not personal data and are not kept by the website owners nor by any other parties involved with the website. They may, however, conduct to the user in the case where data is treated and coded for security reasons. 


Voluntary Insertion of Data
The volountarily insertion of data by the user related to email, promotions and other reasons is to be considered as a consensual agreement with the seller to treat such data to identify the user for the lone purpose of performing the action for which the user agreed. Informative text and agreement box are displayed where the user might leave data and only if accepted the website owner has the right to hold it as a database information. 



Personal data of any kind are not kept or taken by the website owner without prior confirmation by the user. 
The use of Cookies to transimt data to third parties is not performed and c.d. Cookies for personal navigation tracking outside this website is not used. 
The use of c.d. Cookies is solely used to track the user session on for analytical and statistical reasons.  
The use of Cookies is accepted by the user through a click to the Cookies informative policy window, but it will not give right of consensus to acquire and hold the user’s personal data. 


Analytics Cookies 

Cookies of this kind are used to understand users’ behavior on this website. 
Zoccai s.r.l. will use this information to understand and evaluate possible ways to enhance the users’ experience on the website and tailor the promotion according to the statistical results given by the Cookies. 
Analytics Cookies are automatically sent to the owner by the website itself. 

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