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The Smile collection is inspired by the small joys in life and the daily satisfactions. Smile is an amulet to wear to add a touch of color and a smile to your daily routine and challenges. Designed to mix and match, this collection is composed of elegant and colorful jewels that give their best look when worn with the other colorways of the same series. Versatile and wearable to represent your mood and personality, Smile adds preciosity everyday in a wide range of stones from timeless Diamonds to the intense colors of Sapphires, Rubies, Tsavorrites, Quartzes and Amethysts.



The Smile collection reinterprets Jewelry’s functionalities. Meant for daily life, this collection is composed of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings to be worn continuously and effortlessly, thanks to the light designs and the maximum comfort in every occasion. The stones are selected to maintain regular and intense color nuances, set by hand in our laboratories in Vicenza, Italy and later checked to ensure the highest quality standards. In each jewel you can find our atelier mark, the gold title and the Zoccai logo.


The Smile jewels offer a wide range of colors in modern designs that gives you the power and freedom of interpretation. At the office, for an informal night out or at a ceremony, these jewels are sure to express their value making your stile and personality stand out. The motif of this collection is the one to create real amulets to include in your daily life. Luxurious “lucky charms” in 18 carats Gold with Diamonds and colorful stones, designed by us, but interpreted by you.

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