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The Parc Guell collection is inspired by the homonymous park in Barcelona, Spain. Imagined and realized by Antoni Gaudì, parc guell is an explosion of colors and unconventional art that counts thousands of visits each year. The iconic mosaics covering the art installations are the key inspiration of this collection. Contrasting, but incredibly charming colors are chosen to recreate the mosaics through precious pavé set on 18 carats Gold half-spheres. These jewels are true works of art for their complicity of realization and the precise selection of gems. Zoccai’s style and design is enclosed in the colorful parures.



The precious stones pavé is the main character in each jewel of the Parc Guell collection. The gems are meticulously selected to ensure that only the best and most precise cuts and most intense colors are hand set onto the half-sphere in 18 carats yellow or rose Gold. The contrasts between Blue and Yellow, Orange and Red, Purple and Green framed with Diamonds and colorful spots of Sapphires, Quartzes, Amethysts give a precious personality to these jewels that makes your looks iconic. The triangular shaped ring is hand modeled with artisanal techniques and methods according to Zoccai’s goldsmith tradition.


Each jewel of the Parc Guell collection is a tiny work of art. The natural stones, unique in their colors, facets and properties make of the jewels unique and unrepeatable pieces. Realized in a limited edition, this collection is a triumph of colors obtained thanks to the irregular pavé and the colors of the stones that represent Zoccai’s motif of “Daring Elegance” at its best. The rings are created on a geometric base that further outlines the artistic spirit of the brand, giving homage to the modern art and the architecture of Gaudì.

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