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The Damasco collection is inspired by the patterns and ornaments of the eastern world with a glimpse in a millenary culture. Geometric patterns and symmetries are often found on typical architectures such as the “souq”, the middle eastern markets and on the cultural sights of the far east. The symmetry is universally recognized as synonym of beauty. The Damasco collection focuses on it through complex cuts on Mother of Pearl and mirrored polished 18 carats Gold, creating an ethereal and timeless collection that perfectly fits every occasion and outfit, defining a fierce and traveling woman.



The Damasco pattern is a sequence of symmetrical symbols, shapes and curves realized and patented by Zoccai’s designers. Among the best-sellers of the brand, the collection is hand made in Italy in 18 carats Gold and Diamonds with accurately laser cut Mother of Pearl in the delicate white color version or in the modern antracite gray colorway. The latest update on the collection presents a mirrored polished 18 carats Gold medal, laser cut with the Damasco pattern, that catches and reflects life around you while framing it with Diamonds.


The jewels of the Damasco collection enclose an ensemble of cultures, the chosen colorways for the Mother of Pearls contrast with the colors of the 18 carats Gold expressing the main characteristics of Zoccai’s jewelry, elegance and audacity. The antracite gray tint, despite the darker color, maintains the natural iridescence of the material creating the typical reflections present also on the white version. The 18 carats Gold laser cut medal is finely polished to reflect life around you like a mirror, therefore continuously creating reflections that make the jewels alive and dynamic. The Damasco collection is the tangible outcome of our study and passion for traveling and cultures.

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