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The Pirouette collection is inspired by movement and the freedom to express oneself. Just like a ballerina in a ballet, the stone turns to reveal two faces of the opposite personality, allowing to wear two jewels in one. Pirouette is the maximum expression of Zoccai’s design united with goldsmith functionalities, offering innovative jewelry with a look to the future. These trending jewels allow to choose between two colors of the same stone, to match it with casual fashionable outfits as well as Gala formal dresses. Simply by pressing the stone with the finger it is possible to rotate it and choose between the contrasting colors, selected to match the most commonly used colors in fashion.



The “Pirouette” revolving technology has been developed in-house by Zoccai’s designers and artisans in Vicenza, Italy. The mechanism that allows the soft and safe rotation of the stone, without usury or visible components are patented and exclusive property of Zoccai. Each structure, component and detail is hand made in 18 carats Gold and embellished with Diamonds. Available in the round or square version and in 8mm or 12mm stone size, Pirouette represents an innovation of design and Made in Italy jewelry. The revolving mechanism is also used in the Damasco collection with white or antracite gray Mother of Pearl.


The selected stones for the Pirouette collection are Ruby with Aquamarine, Pink milky Quartz with milky Aquamarine, black Onix and white Agate and Blue Sapphire with Emerald. These colors have been chosen to offer two opposite versions of the same jewel, wearable with its matching parure or leaving space to creativity by playing with the different colors. The faceted stones create reflections of light showing their natural properties. The jewels are marked with the recognizable “Z” logo of the brand.

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