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Our History...

Is a history of pride and tradition that lasts for more that 180 years. It all started in 1839, when Giuseppe Zoccai opened a small watch repair shop in Venice. Later on, Giuseppe’s son followed his father’s path and together, the two specialized in repairing simple gold jewelry. 


Years after World War 2, Lelio, Zoccai’s 3rd generation, opened a small factory in a modest commercial space in Thiene (VI) and not much later, in the same town, he opened the first official Zoccai shop.


Lelio had the creativity and intuition to use colored semi precious stones with gold to create colorful and out of the ordinary jewels that before then were unseen. This absolute innovation led the Zoccai brand to grow to become a leading figure of the Italian jewelry industry.


The 4th generation of Zoccai made the brand cross the national borders and expanded in Japan, in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and in many more countries, in which the jewels of the Italian company are distributed and loved by the ones who own at least one. Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer are only few of the celebrity names that represented Zoccai in the years.


Today, the 5th generation is ready to follow the steps of its predecessors to continue a great history and to keep offering precious symbols that make the special moments of one’s life unforgettable.

Savoir Faire...

We believe in hard work, we believe in quality and we believe that every Zoccai product must be perfect before reaching our clients.

This philosophy is shared since many years from all our team and that is why we assure that every single jewel is hand made by our expert artisans in our laboratory.


From the creative idea drawn on paper by our Designers, to the research of the materials, meticulously performed by our dedicated employees, to the production of the prototypes and the finished products, until the boxing of the packages to ship, the creation of each jewel is a process we perform entirely in our headquarter and of which we are very proud.

To our frequent clients, potential clients or just luxury and jewellery enthusiasts, we want to let you know that every Zoccai jewel you own, or will own, is the result of many hours of hand work to which we give an inestimable value, so that you can love it and keep it forever.

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