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The unboxing...

Zoccai offer a luxurious experience like no others for its jewels thanks to the new packaging derived from renewable and eco friendly sources. The casket presents a mirror and two drawers at its interior.

The jewel passport, the warranty card, the microfibre cloth and the new Zoccai fragrance are all placed inside the box.


Essenza by Zoccai ...

Crafted with expert Florentine perfumers, Essenza is the new and exclusive fragrance that accompanies Zoccai's jewels. Entirely Made in Italy with only organic and chemicals free scents.


The fragrance presents notes of Bergamot, Rose, Ylang, Vetiver, Guaico Wood and Jasmine.

The display and packaging line of Zoccai is entirely Made in Italy and 100% coming from organic and eco friendly sources.

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